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Tel: +86-592-3965101/3576704

Email: inquiry@bosonbio.com

Add: 90-94 Tianfeng Road, Jimei North Industrial Park

About Us

About Us

Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd., as a specialist of in vitro diagnostic kits, develops and manufactures high-quality point of care and other immunoassay kits for the worldwide market.

Our 12,500 square meter facility is operated strictly under ISO 13485:2016 and GMP guidelines. We combine the technological, material and labor resources of China and the US to develop, manufacture and supply high quality in vitro diagnostic products efficiently and cost effectively. Currently, we are offering product lines of rapid tests, CLIA, and raw materials. These product lines provide immunoassays in various formats to detect cardiac markers, drugs of abuse, fertility hormones, infectious diseases, tumor markers and animal diseases. Many of our products have been approved by the China NMPA.

Xiamen Boson Biotech’s mission is to provide the affordable high-quality products to help fight diseases and illicit substance abuse.