Adenovirus Antigen Test Card

Rapid Adenovirus Antigen Test is an in vitro qualitative immunochromato-graphic assay for the rapid detection of adenovirus antigens in human stool specimen.

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1. Product Introduction

Rapid Adenovirus Antigen Test is an in vitro qualitative immunochromato-graphic assay for the rapid detection of adenovirus antigens in human stool specimen. The test results are intended to aid in the diagnosis of adenovirus infection and to monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment.

Adenovirus, a DNA virus, was first isolated in the 1950s in adenoid tissue – derived cell cultures, hence the name. Adenoviruses are a group of common viruses that infect the lining of your eyes, airways and lungs, intestines, urinary tract, and nervous system. They can cause cold-like symptoms, fever, sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, and pink eye. The infections usually cause only mild symptoms and get better on their own in a few days. But they can be more serious in people with weak immune systems, especially children.

2. Product Parameter

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Adenovirus Antigen Test Card




10 mins

1 test/pouch, 25 or 40 tests/box

3. Our Company

Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd., as a specialist of in vitro diagnostic kits field, we develop and manufacture high-quality point of care and other immunoassay kits for world-wide market.

Our company presents its product with well-designed Boson and HomeScan packaging. We also provide OEM and private label service for customers.

Xiamen Boson Biotech’s mission is to provide the affordable high quality products to help fighting diseases and illicit substance abuse.

Adenovirus Test Card company

4. R&D

Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd. has a dedicated development facility having a large pool of experienced scientists who are committed to development of IVD Reagents. Our R & D scientists are engaged in process development, process improvement, formulation and analytical development. Our product development pipeline includes chemiluminescence quantitative detection reagent, colloidal gold qualitative detection reagents, various antigens and antibodies. This facility is recognized by State Food and Drug Administration, Government of China.

Adenovirus Test Card production managementAdenovirus Test Card R&D

5. Production Management

Our facilities and processes receive dozens of on-site audits every year by some of the world's largest healthcare organizations. All of our products undergo 100% inspection during manufacture, and each lot is rigorously tested for quality and performance.

6. FAQ

Q1: What is your advantage compared with your competitors?

A: We have qualified manufacturer, reliable quality control, competitive price, high efficiency working, and one-stop service.

Q2: Can we be your agent?
A: Yes, we're looking for the agent all over the world, please contact us for further discussion.

Q3: Could you print our company LOGO on the nameplate and package?
A: Yes, we can do that.

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