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Tel: +86-592-3965101/3576704

Email: inquiry@bosonbio.com

Add: 90-94 Tianfeng Road, Jimei North Industrial Park


- 2001: Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd. founded, with main products of colloidal gold rapid test, antibodies and antigens.

- 2003: NMPA approval of some products for sales in mainland China.

- 2004: NMPA approval of some CLIA products; company moved to new buildings in Jimei District, Xiamen.

- 2006: Company passed the ISO quality system registration, and obtained ISO13485 certificate.

- 2007: Obtained CE marks for Boson products, and started exporting outside of China.

- 2008: More NMPA approval.

- 2011: Awarded with the title of high-tech enterprise, and obtained 6 Utility Model Patents.

- 2012: Completed R&D for CLIA products and started product launch on the Chinese market

- 2014: First company in China to obtain NMPA approval of Dengue IgG/IgM Test.

- 2016: Started R&D for quantum dots immunofluorescence POCT products.

- 2017: Obtained 4 more Utility Model Patents and received several awards by Xiamen City and the Fujian Province.

- 2019: Completed clinical trials for quantum dots immunofluorescence POCT products and preparation for NMPA approval; new buildings put into use for R&D and manufacturing to increase production capability